Net Work

Net Work, a documentary about the decentralized web.

During the DWeb Summit 2018, the Internet Archive will be filming Net Work, a documentary about the future of the decentralized web. We are at a critical juncture in the development of the web, at which radical new visions and protocols are fomenting in the face of mounting structural and political crises. The DWeb summit is a coming-together of old and new thinkers who will play a crucial role in confronting these challenges and defining the future trajectory of how the internet is imagined and engineered. As part of the Internet Archive's broader mission, Net Work will be an archival snapshot of this moment in internet history through the individuals and cultures that are shaping it.

On the afternoon of Day 1 of the conference, individuals will be invited to enter the [8] Holo Vault downstairs at the Mint, alone, in order to record a short filmed response about the current and future state of the internet. A time capsule, these responses will be archived, as well as becoming part of the documentary feature distributed by the Internet Archive.

To participate in the documentary, arrive at the [8] Holo Vault downstairs on Day 1 (Wednesday) between 1.30 – 5pm.

For further information, contact

Gary Zhexi Zhang
Artist, MIT

Gary Zhexi Zhang is an artist and writer interested in socio-technical objects. His current research investigates the role of work within decentralised organisations such as swarms, mycelia and markets. He has published essays on many-headed slime moulds, Chinese internet culture, blockchain ethnography, and is currently working on a thesis about decentralized aesthetics and the seduction of systems theory. He is a graduate student in the Program in Art, Culture, Technology at MIT.


Videos from the summit: