Secrets Installation

This exhibition examines the secret as an information structure within today’s social and technological context, from algorithmic “black boxes” and state classification schemes, to new digital infrastructures built upon cryptographic primitives.

Includes work by American Artist, Paolo Cirio, Sam Hart & Sarah Hamerman, Rob Myers, Lai Yi Ohlsen

Sam Hart
Founding member,, Guild, New Computers, Cybernetics Library

Sam Hart is a scientist, curator and editor working across computational biology and distributed publishing.


Sarah Hamerman
Poetry Cataloging Specialist, Princeton University

Sarah Hamerman is a librarian and arts researcher based between New Jersey and New York City. She currently works as Poetry Cataloging Specialist in Princeton University Library's Rare Books and Special Collections. Her research is centered around experimental publishing as a networked practice across print and digital media. Sarah is a founding member of the Cybernetics Library, and has presented at venues including the NYU Center for Experimental Humanities, the New York Art Book Fair, and the BABZ Art Book Fair. Her writing has appeared in Temporary Art Review,, In The Mesh, and Art Libraries Journal.