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In 2016, an early group of builders, policymakers, journalists and archivists gathered at the Internet Archive for the first Decentralized Web Summit to “Lock the Web Open” for good. Today, the Web we use is not private, secure, reliable or free from censorship. By distributing data, processing and hosting across millions of computers worldwide with no centralized control, a new decentralized web can remain open, allowing users to better control and protect their own personal data.

Today the decentralized web is expanding every day. What could it look like at scale? How can people around the world use and benefit from these technologies? What code is working and what is still missing? What do we need to collaborate on in the future?

The Decentralized Web Summit 2018: Global Visions / Working Code is about building decentralized technologies that work at scale, with and for real people around the world. Organized by the Internet Archive and Aspiration, our goal is to align the values of the Open Web with principles of decentralization. To bring together global communities to co-create infrastructure and tools we can trust. To write code that supports privacy, security, self-sovereign data and digital memory. Intrigued? Sign up for more information below.

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Photos from the 2016 Decentralized Web Summit

More photos from the event are available here.
Also see the full 2016 Summit Website.