Building the Peer-to-Peer Internet

Participants will learn about community networks, wireless mesh networks, distributed applications, and train their pet Raspberry Pi to do networking things. This is a hands-on session where participants will use IPFS and Secure Scuttlebutt on a mesh network of Raspberry Pis, then perhaps become future facilitators of this open-source workshop.

Dawn Walker
Environmental Data & Governance Initiative

Dawn Walker is a PhD student at the University of Toronto focused on participatory design tactics for grassroots environmental monitoring civic technologies. Based in Toronto, she has organized workshops on mesh networking and decentralized technologies with Toronto Mesh. As a member of EDGI and Data Together, she imagines possibilities for more just and resilient environmental and climate data.


Videos from the summit:

Benedict Lau
Contributor, Toronto Mesh

Benedict is an engineer working on mobile software and mesh networks. He is a contributor and organizer at Toronto Mesh, currently focused on meshing with single-board computers and building deployment tools and literacy around peer-to-peer applications.


Videos from the summit: