LibreRouter Geek-Free Community Network Deployment

The LibreRouter is an open source hardware for Geek-Free Mesh Community Networks. During the course of this session we will effectively deploy a small network to be able to experience what it means, and discuss about how this could be extended/enhanced by the DWeb.

Nicolás Pace
AlterMundi A.C

Nicolás Pace is a member of AlterMundi A.C., a grassroots organization supporting rural underserved communities in their pursue for creating their own telecommunications infrastructure, their own piece of internet. In doing so, Nicolas has traveled to more than 15 countries, getting to know most of the community networks out there, and getting to understand the diversity and complexity of the matter. One of the latest actions he has been undertaking has been working together with REDES A.C., a grassroots organization from Mexico in supporting first nation communities. Within AlterMundi he has also been involved in the Decentralized Repository of Culture, a P2P project that tries to find a way around the digital culture distribution, involving everyone in the process: creators, curators, enthusiasts.


Videos from the summit: