Decentralized Virtual Worlds

Second Life. World of Warcraft. Great virtual worlds owned and served by one company. When the company goes away, so do your virtual assets. In a Decentralized Virtual World, anyone with the link can explore a world right in their own browser. The virtual data stays with you.

Come experience what happens when you integrate VR right into the Web—immersive worlds based in your browser.

In this Decentralized Virtual Reality Vault, come visit a virtual Internet Archive. Spin a ‘78 from IA’s collection, put a Hip Hop mix tape into a virtual cassette player; load a film reel from Prelinger Collection onto a projector and turn it on. Then sit back and take it all in—in this decentralized virtual Internet Archive.

Throughout the Summit the Decentralized Virtual World team will also hold workshops and panels:

WORKSHOP:  Build Your Own D-VR World

Learn how to build and publish you own decentralized virtual world on IPFS.  Bring a laptop; familiarity with HTML and Javascript preferred, but not required.