Defending Your Users

Technologists: welcome to the real world! A world in which the choices you make have profound impact on people around the world. Rainey Reitman, EFF’s Activism Director, will lead a workshop for Decentralized Web developers and organization staffers on how they can stand up for their users.

Participants will be taken through real-world scenarios: how should you react to the complex trade-offs and choices that Decentralized Web developers face on a day-to-day basis?  When and how should you stand up for users? We will unpack Issues related to transparency, privacy, accessibility, interoperability, and safety through the lens of human rights and user empowerment, with voices from the human rights movement discussing how design and governance choices can have a real world impact on activists around the globe.

Participants will have a chance to discuss and strategize how they would respond to different scenarios that challenge foundational concepts of privacy, innovation, user choice, and free expression, and will be able to connect with other participants who may have dealt with similar, crucial decisions in building their own projects.

Rainey Reitman
Director of Activism, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Rainey Reitman serves as director of the activism team at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She is particularly interested in the intersection between personal privacy and technology, particularly social networking privacy, network security, web tracking, government surveillance, and online data brokers. 

Reitman is a board member and co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization that defends and supports unique, independent, nonprofit journalistic institutions. She, along with co-founders Daniel Ellsberg, Trevor Timm, and J.P. Barlow, received the 2013 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award in Journalism.

Marvin Ammori
General Counsel, Protocol Labs

Marvin Ammori is the General Counsel of Protocol Labs, Inc. Previously, he spent over a decade as an advocate for Internet freedom and privacy, including by leading the net neutrality fights of 2009 (Comcast-BitTorrent case) and 2015 (Title II victory). He has published widely on First Amendment matters, including in the Harvard Law Review and the New York Times. He serves on the Boards of Fight for the Future and Demand Progress. He began his career at the corporate law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP and attended Harvard Law School.


Videos from the summit: