Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

This session will introduce the basic elements that make Self-Sovereign Identity possible, how they fit together and explain why Decentralized Identifiers in particular are tranformative in the evolution of how people can be first class nodes in the Web. The talk with contextualized SSI developments (Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, PKI, Shared Ledgers, Smart Phones) relative to infrastructure broadly and technical standards that have come before. It will also explain why they are important to the whole of Decentralized Web efforts.


Kaliya IdentityWoman Young
Founder, Identity Woman & Internet Identity Workshop

Kaliya Young, also known as “Identity Woman,” is an independent advocate for the rights and dignity of our digital selves. 

She is internationally recognized expert in the field of user-centric digital identity / self sovereign identity and personal data. The Internet Identity Workshop that she co-founded in 2005, twice a year brings together the largest concentration on the planet of talent dedicated to designing and building identity systems that empower individuals. In 2010 she founded the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium and serves as Thought Leader and Catalyst Emeritus.


Videos from the summit: