Mapping the Decentralized Web

In a complex world, we need to be able to see our networks to find effective ways to drive the changes and outcomes we hope to see. We are building a dynamic network map for the Decentralized Web community to help you do your work, reduce duplication of effort, share insights and resources, and strategize more effectively across organizations and levels in the emerging decentralized stack.

Come add your project to the map, learn about the ways we can view this network, and make the map better by letting us know how you hope to use this tool for the decentralized commons. A project of the Digital Life Collective (

Be sure to stop by our mapping station in the "Bits in Bits out" room throughout the Summit. Come visit, ask questions, and add your project to the map. You can also find out how to add your project here:

Christina Bowen will kick off her mapping project with a talk:

Why Map? Mapping the Decentralized Tech Ecosystem

What is a network map and why might my community use one? How can I best learn from a map of the decentralized tech ecosystem? Christina Bowen of The Digital Life Collective will offer a glimpse into the opportunities and challenges of mapping any ecosystem, and present the progress and plans for mapping the decentralized tech ecosytem.

Christina Bowen
Digital Life Collective

Christina is the Digital Life Collective's lead mapper and knowledge ecologist, tracing the transformation of information to knowledge in human systems the way an ecologist follows the movement of sunlight energy or nitrogen through a wetland. A collaborative researcher and network catalyst, she uses her experience in ecology, land-use planning (human ecology) and research to illuminate the context - the knowledge ecosystem - of a given problem or endeavor. She works with the people of that ecosystem to translate big-picture systems thinking into the nuts and bolts of strategic actions using critical thinking, skillful dialog and functional design. She is currently focused on a map supporting the decentralized web community.


Robert Best
Data Analyst & Co-Intelligence Catalyst, Holo

Robert Best is an open source web developer, researcher, and data analyst. His areas of interest are peer-to-peer technologies,collective intelligence, commoning, social entrepreneurship, and the future of work. His current work is with Holo/Holochain: a software framework+platform for creating+hosting fully p2p applications that are both highly scalable, and cryptographically secured to be tamper proof. Prior to Holochain Robert was contributing to Metamaps: an open-source real-time collaborative concept-mapping web app.