Lightning Talks: New Discoveries Session 2

August 1st, 1:30pm-3:00pm
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Hyper Room

John Light, Aragon, Community Lead 

Wonder what's bubbling up in Tokyo or Helsinki? What the Budapest bootstrapper has been working on under the radar? The latest decentralized concept with only a white far?  Then this track is for you.  We'll turn the stage over to those with up-and-coming ideas to demo their code and DWeb concepts for you in 4 minute bursts.

Line Up: 

Dimitri De Jonghe - Democratic and Public Intelligence Networks for the Commons

David Van Duzer - Retrospective on global service discovery and

Cecilia Maundu - UX user experience how it’s important to get feedback on tools used for safety

Brendan O'Brien - Archiving APIs using qri & IPFS

Jay Freeman - Federation, Ferengi, Borg, or Changeling?

Duke Crawford - GIF contain audio, wiki, linked-list, contracts

Vienna Rae-Looi - Zero degree project: Climate change & distributed ledger tech

Benjamin De Kosnik - Decentralized sound and video archives

Mehdi Yahyanejad - How to stream content over satellite

Dimitri De Jonghe
Co-Founder, Head of Research, BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol


Dr. Dimitri De Jonghe is a cross-domain protocol researcher. After finishing his PhD on micro-electronics and machine learning, he co-founded a series of blockchain startups: ascribe [power to creators] and BigchainDB [a blockchain database], and Ocean Protocol [a public network for data and AI marketplaces]. Currently, Dimitri is heading research at Ocean Protocol on public intelligence networks. 



Videos from the summit:

Cecilia Maundu
Broadcast Journalist, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Cecilia Mwende Maundu is broadcast journalist working for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, which is the state broadcaster in Kenya. Cecilia is also a filmmaker with her interest being documentary filmmaking. Ms Maundu is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where she did a Bachelor of Arts and later proceeded to do master of Arts in communication at the same university. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in communication Studies at Moi University in Kenya. 

Ms Maundu is an independent digital security consultant and runs an independent digital security firm. She trains people, in particular women, journalists’ human rights defenders and members of the LGBT community how to stay safe online where they are the most vulnerable. Cecilia is on the quest to make sure that even the most vulnerable feel safe online. She is also a User experience expert (UX), and leads trainings on collecting feedback and evaluates how effective online security tools are. All this in creating a holistic approach to digital security. Cecilia is addicted to everything on digital security!



Videos from the summit:

Mehdi Yahyanejad
Director, founder, NetFreedom Pioneers,

Mehdi Yahyanejad is founder of, the largest user-generated news website in Persian and a crucial information source in the 2009 pro-democracy protest movement in Iran. He is the co-founder and director of NetFreedom Pioneers, a nonprofit organization that delivers curated digital content via satellite to regions of the world with limited internet access. He is also a researcher at USC researching new anti-censorship technologies. 


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John Light
Co-founder, Author, Bitseed

John Light is the Community Lead at Aragon, a project that is building tools for the governance of organizations and open source projects. He is also a co-founder of Bitseed, author of Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank, free software advocate and contributor, and advisor to cryptocurrency startups and investors.

John has helped organize many crypto-community events including EIP0 Summit in 2018, the Decentralized Web Summit in 2016, and Blockstack Summit NYC in 2015. He also hosted the P2P Connects Us podcast, founded the Buttonwood SF cryptocurrency trading meetup in San Francisco, and is an avid reader and writer on the topics of peer-to-peer technology, philosophy, and culture.

You can find John's website at


Videos from the summit:

Duke Crawford
Creator, human ai

Duke Crawford figured out how to sync audio with GIF. He syncs GIF with audio visual wiki context at and thinks GIF can learn to host an attention economy where players own the game.

email: twitter: @dukecrawford.


Videos from the summit:

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