Lightning Talks: New Discoveries Session 4

August 2nd, 9:00am-10:30am 
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Hyper Room

John Light, Aragon, Community Lead 

Wonder what's bubbling up in Tokyo or Helsinki? What the Budapest bootstrapper has been working on under the radar? The latest decentralized concept with only a white far?  Then this track is for you.  We'll turn the stage over to those with up-and-coming ideas to demo their code and DWeb concepts for you in 4 minute bursts.

Line Up: 
Travis Hairfield - The fundamental challenge of online communities is that success leads to growth, yet excessive population size leads to destruction of trust and community. What are our choices for overcoming this?

Michelle Lee - "Who cares about decentralized storage?" or "Crossing the chasm: how adoption will work for the decentralized web"

Eddan Katz - Decentralized governance methodology @ WEF.

Duy Huynh - Decentralized Autonomous Dataset

Kei Kreutler - "DAO Zero?" A talk on what full decentralization means for platforms like decentralized exchanges, questioning how to make the first decisions in a decentralized ecosystem.

Benjamin Goering - I can talk about and my implementation of it

Jehan Trembeck - I will speak about Althea. This is a project that lets communities form decentralized ISPs by integrating payments directly into a mesh routing protocol.

Dan Posch - Wikipedia over Dat. Happy to give a crash course on serving peer-to-peer hypertext using Dat and Beaker.


Michelle Lee
Product Lead, Protocol Labs

Michelle Lee is a software maker, startup founder, and inventor of Google Forms. From 2012-2016, she sought to make government technology suck less — first at Code for America, as cofounder and CEO of government texting company Textizen, and at GovDelivery building messaging technology for public agencies. From 2005-2011, she helped build Google Maps and Google Docs as you know them today. Currently, she leads Product at Protocol Labs, building new internet protocols to make the web faster, safer, and more resilient. Away from the keyboard, she serves on the board of directors of the OpenGov Foundation and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.


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Duy Huynh
Founder, Ninja

Duy is the founder of Ninja, an anonymous peer-to-peer exchange, more casually known as the crypto version of Craigslist.  Prior to that, Duy was the founder of Autonomous, which creates smart office products based on AI and Robotics technologies.

Offline, Duy lives in NYC and enjoys boxing, cycling, and bagels.


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Kei Kreutler
Strategy Director, Gnosis

Kei Kreutler is a researcher, designer, and developer interested in how cultural narratives of technologies shape their use. As Strategy Director at Gnosis, she oversees messaging and direction as the company builds open, blockchain-based prediction market platforms, decentralized exchange protocols, and a secure mobile-first wallet.

Her project-based practice spans disciplines, from engagement with open source space technologies to synthetic biology research, and has been exhibited by organisations including the Victoria & Albert Museum and FACT Liverpool. In 2017 at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, she co-founded Patternist, a sci-fi, augmented reality game for urban research and alternative economies. Previously, she contributed to unMonastery, an open source initiative for networked living spaces inspired by monasticism and hackerspace design patterns. Her work focuses on organizational design and utopian conspiracies.


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Jehan Tremback
CEO, Althea

Jehan has a background in software consulting and has been developing blockchain software since 2013, including an early wallet for Tendermint, the Avocado state channel framework, and the RPR payment channel routing protocol. He has volunteered with the mesh network in Oakland for the past 3 years.


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